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Safe Toys and Gifts Month

"December is the biggest month for gift giving and receiving. However, we rarely think about the safety aspect of giving away some toys as presents. December is National Safety Toys and Gifts Month - and you can spread the word by using the hashtag #SafeToysAndGiftsMonth on social media.

A few ways to be sure the items you are giving are safe include:

Make sure to inspect the toys before you buy them. Try to avoid toys with sharp edges, lots of little parts, or parts that can be easily pulled off. (Especially if it's for a baby or toddler.)

Make sure the age and skill level marked on the toy matches the age and skill level of the child you're buying for.

Label check! Toys should have a label for ATSM (American Society for Testing and Materials) that proves it's up to standard. ATSM testing is more important than many people realize.

Do not give toys with ropes, cords, or that can heat up, and avoid crayons and markers unless they are labeled nontoxic."

(Shared from yesterday's VPPPA email. There are many websites with resources available, such as: )

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