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SGE Request - Recertification VPP Audit of Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Facility


This e-mail is an invitation to serve as a Special Government Employee (SGE) during the upcoming recertification VPP audit of Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Facility (PHNSY), in Honolulu, Hawaii. This audit will be conducted from January 10 to January 14, 2022. In particular, I am looking for SGEs with Ship Repair or Industrial Hygiene skills/audit experience. Active Navy staff are not eligible for this audit.

PHNSY employs over 6000 civilian employees and over 20 contractors with approximately 1200 employees. The primary work performed is the overhaul and repair of naval nuclear submarines. Excluded from the audit is the naval nuclear propulsion spaces aboard the submarines, and shore side structures which housed nuclear work or activity. The hazards at the site include fire and flooding aboard vessels, confined space entry, lead/chromate work, heavy metal hazards, solvents, asbestos work, noise hazards, electrical hazards, rigging and crane operations, stored energy hazards, rotating and repeating machinery, work at heights, industrial trucks, bicycle and traffic control hazards. In addition, there are ergonomic issues resulting in strains, sprains and injuries from lifting and from working in awkward positions for extended periods of time.

If you wish to volunteer to serve as an SGE for this audit, please provide your contact information and a brief description of your background and experience, or a resume. If you have been on a VPP audit before, please provide those details.

Please respond with your Supervisor cc’ed and indicate that you have approval from your organization.

Thank you for your commitment to employee safety and health excellence, the VPP, and the SGE program."


Peter Wilsey


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