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Strengthening Star Quality - Post Forum Workshop

Presented by Robert Brynes, Vice Chapter Chairperson, (Wheelabrator) and Brenda Wiederkehr, CSC, Chapter Chairperson (Access Health Systems)

This workshop will go over questions such as Just Maintaining? Or what is OSHA seeing? It will also look at what the recertification findings have been showing with Employee Involvement, Hazard Prevention & Control, and Safety & Health Training. It will give ideas of what to do. Reasons why to still participate in VPP. We will have breakout groups to help work on these findings. There will also be a review of Best practices. It will also review the common 90 day items!

This workshop will be held, Wednesday, October 3rd, from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm in the Carousel meeting room.

We will be highlighting different workshops daily leading up to our Fall Safety Forum!

More details on the workshops being offered at the Fall Safety Forum can be found here:

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