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Workshop: Survive The VPP Evaluation

Each day we want to highlight a few workshops from our Conference's agenda so our participants know what to expect for our 2016 VPPPA Region II Conference. To have more information about other workshops access our Agenda page where you can find the list of all workshops we will have during our conference.

Date: May 24th 3:30 - 5:00 | Room: OSHA/VPP - Hall 3 So. Tower

Are you worried about your upcoming OSHA VPP evaluation? This workshop will prepare attendees for their initial and follow-up OSHA VPP onsite evaluations. The speakers will discuss the evaluation process, from the opening conference through the VPP award celebration. The presentation will include specific information to help you prepare for and manage the evaluation. It will address what written materials will likely be reviewed, what areas will be focused on during the walk around inspection of the workplace, and how the interviews will be conducted. Ideas and suggestions to facilitate the evaluation process will be presented, with an emphasis on the fact that no two evaluations are the same.


Brian Bennett | EHS Excellence Consulting LLC

Norman Deitch | EHS Excellence Consulting LLC

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