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FEMA Daily Operations Briefing for Wednesday, August 23

"FYSA – You may want to keep an eye on the weather during travel to NOLA for VPPPA Symposium:

FEMA Region VI –Tropical Weather Threat


Environmental conditions are conducive for a tropical system (Harvey) to redevelop in the Gulf of Mexico and move towards Texas and Louisiana potentially causing prolonged heavy rains, flooding and potential storm surge along the coast.

Analysis/Potential Impacts

•Port Arthur, TX seawall vulnerable to storm surge due to previous damage (USACE)

•New Orleans flooding threat increased due to degradation of city pumping system (Various sources)

•Prolonged periods of heavy rainfall/flooding across portions of TX & SW LA (NHC)

•Storm surge & tropical storm or hurricane force winds along portions of the TX coast (NHC)

States Preparation/Response

•LA SEOC activating to Monitoring with 24/7 operations at 5:00 pm (EDT)

•TX SEOC activated to Increased Readiness; increasing to Partial Activation with 24/7 operations Thursday

FEMA Preparation/Response

•RRCC activated to Level III at 8:00 am (EDT); going to Level II, 24/7 operations Thursday ESF 3, 6, 7; DoD and NWS will support

•IMAT-1 deployed to LA SEOC

•IMAT-2 & LNO deployed to TX SEOC

•NISB Team Charlie deploying to Randolph Aux Airfield, TX"

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