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Improving Safety Culture Through Risk Management Workshop

Presented by Scott McKenna, Catamount Consulting

There are a number of things that the Safety Supervisor has to manage within their organization. We will focus our time on the inspection process and minimizing citations, as well as minimizing exposure of risk to the staff members. Join us while we explore these details. We will explore the human behavior side of accident prevention and look at how human factors and behavior affect personnel and organizational safety. Does compliance with regulatory standards equal safety? Why do the same injuries still continue to occur? Discussions on safety are always based on who’s doing what wrong and who’s getting injured and killed. Let’s take a different look at safety and see what’s being done right and who isn’t being killed while acknowledging that safe, quality production is the goal. The Catamount Consulting Group has spent a great deal of time exploring the foundations of safety and is convinced all levels of safety professionals must understand how to manage risk and recognize that relying on luck is not solution as well as being aware of the link between effective communication and accident prevention. Attendees are invited to join in this session to explore some of Mr. McKenna’s thoughts as he captivates your attention and entertains you while you learn.

This workshop will be held, Tuesday, October 2nd, from 2:15 - 3:45 pm in the Yaddo meeting room.

We will be highlighting different workshops daily leading up to our Fall Safety Forum!

More details on the workshops being offered at the Fall Safety Forum can be found here:

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